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Causes of Addiction Articles

What Causes Sexual Addiction?

Various factors trigger sexual addiction, otherwise known as sexual dependency or sexual compulsivity. The obsession to sexually compulsive behaviors is a complex subject and can hardly be due to one cause. Sexual addiction is a bit more likely a great ...

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2 Causes For Addictions

Addictions come in much differrent areas which can control every aspect you’ve ever had. What s happened is your addiction is contained in control not you. There are a number of common causes that create addictions and understanding them can ...

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Causes of Addiction

Addiction is a really strong craving that is actually abnormal that creates somebody to based on something and tolerate it and it will be as a result of forming a habit that is actually physical or psychological. Addiction is something ...

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The Causes Of Addiction

There is much debate regarding the results of addiction. Since there are two components to addiction –the physical addiction and of course the psychological addiction– in all likelihood it is that a great number of factors develop a risk for ...

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The important Reason behind Addiction

What actually causes addiction? Science has identified addiction being a “chronic brain disease” but Gene Heyman, a Harvard psychology lecturer describes it as a “disorder of options“. Both these extreme models and descriptions of addiction is without question the conflicting ...

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