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A Simple Treatment For Overcoming The important Reason for Addictions

download-1All addictions serve precisely the same purpose top off an empty void. But where did this empty void come from, and the way most people on Earth have this empty void? Every soul anywhere in the country has this empty void and uses addictions submit it. These addictions come in many forms. The greater amount of obvious forms are sexual, alcohol, drug and porn addictions. Other addictions include: watching a lot of television, sitting down on the web and computer all the time, playing video games all day long, shopping, and over-working. The less obvious addictions include: love addictions and romanticized dreams specifically for your life perform for a particular way. There may be thousands of variations of life addictions, however under-pinning each of them would be the keyword: EXPECTATION. Anytime you possess an expectation, you are having an addiction to an occasion either playing outside in your life or not playing out, and when it either does or doesn’t happen, you have anemotional high“.
The conventional person spends a great amount of their total waking hours devising new expectations submit their empty void. This empty void isthe ego“. The ego energy is the fear-based energy within every child on this planet that has been born whenever the soul believed it was separated from God. Souls reincarnate into the Earth planet toplay-outtheir experience of separation from God, where they really believe they are separated from God. As God is Love, the belief within the separation from God creates anti-love throughout the mind of one’s soul. This anti-love is fear which certainly energy gives birth to the separate energy inside the mind of a given soul namedthe ego“. The ego is typically a collective energy forming area of theseparation consciousnessorAnti-Christ consciousness“. Christ meansoneness and having a great deal of affectionand Anti-Christ meansseparation and anti-love“.
That everyone on Earth feel this fear and anti-love on their soul. They feel the emptiness inside, which symbolizes theperceivedseparation from God. Realistically, no soul can ever be separated from God, however a soul can perceive or trust its personalized mind that it can be. And such creates the fear, inner emptiness, loneliness, and sadness. Like the phrase goes, “nature abhors a vacuum“. Plus the void in the mind of this very every boy or girl across the world Is basically a vacuum, as a mini whirlpool or black-hole that seeks to suck in all the things submit this. This void wants to by anti-love, by denyingonenesswith God. A soul spends the majority of its waking hours attempting to get back into the pure bliss of joy that it experienced as Total Love with God. This oneness with God is an eternal high. The lack of this God-high will create low, an emptiness, subsequently the soul seeks to look for ways to get back those feelings of God-high, pure joy and ecstasy of perfect love.
This is why most human beings anywhere in the country are primarily addicted to human love as an alternative to God’s love. Unfortunately, that triggers the soul tolook outside itselfto fill the void. But God can now IN every soul anywhere in the country. The void is not just really there, it is only perceived as being there by an individual soul. Once you create expectations find help tofill the void“, you really are re-in forcing the assumption in the own mind that a void there has to be, and that you are de-void of God and God’s love. Expectations are like trash that seemingly refill a void, however you know never really do, leading you to always hunt down morefillers“, and that they distract you from viewing that God has been within you. They BLIND That you definitely the fact that you are actually alreadywhole“.
In case you give up completely your belief in expectations to fill a void that is not really there, and also you implement this daily, a series reaction process begins.
1. Firstly all emotional pain of one’s perceived separation from God plus your accumulated hurt, anger, grief, sadness, emptiness, and fear kicks off to surface, bit by bit. This is usually a long process, and also choosing to does not MASK your inner pain with expectations (fillers submit the void), your fears and emotional pain will probably be proven to you gradually you might want to face and overcome your fears as well as for one to express and heal your emotional pain. Journaling these feelings is a superb way to express and release these fears and pain. For most, all it takes is a human being 10-15 years to purify almost all of its fears and emotional pain, after disengaging of theirbeing addicted to expectations (fillers)” that basically work as a mask to cover up the suffering and fear.
2. The fears and emotional pain you have accumulated across your many lifetimes as a result of theperceivedseparation from God, BLOCK you from experiencing God’s Love and you re-connecting with God within you. As you set about to remove and release your fear and emotional pain during the 10-15 years, every year you will definitely experience spiritual revelations, new experiences, new awakenings in your thoughts, which can guide you are re-connecting onto the reality that you may and God areone“. You happen to be quite literally removing trash off of soul that has been blocking the Light of God from shining brightly at your own mind.
3. As soon as you have removed the majority of your fears and emotional pain, and consequently a lot of God’s Light is willing to shine brightly throughout your vessel, your soul, you will be eligible the most important Ascension. This implies you have got overcome a good deal of belief in separation and do not opt to experience separation from God on Earth in a physical body.
4. While you overcome ALL belief in separation from God, and declare as Jesus did eliminating shadow of doubt, “I and my Father (God) are mong“, you then will be eligible for the next Ascension and ascend to the Spiritual Heavens inonenesswith other Ascended Masters in the Universal Christ Mind.
That’s it. The basic treatment for overcoming the genuine reason for sexual, alcohol, drug, porn and affection addictions for overcoming all addictions and expectations that take you further away from God and produce you back directly into Light of God within your personalized mind.

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