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Breakthrough Spiritual Research on the main Reason for Addictions

images-4Addictions really are a worldwide phenomenon adversely affecting the lives of millions across all geographical boundaries and cultures. With a personal level, people’s lives are destroyed by their addictions and their spouse and children also suffer the trauma from the originial and negative ripple effect.
Results of addictive behaviors according to modern science
There is virtually no consensus regarding the etiology, prevention and treatment of addictive disorders. A lot of people consider addictions as ‘diseases, but others consider addictions to be behaviors learned as a result of practicing this the complex interplay between heredity and environmental factors. Still others argue in favour of a genetic cause. This lack of agreement among experts causes problems with prevention and treatment of a vast amount of addictive behaviour.
Root cause for addiction as per spiritual research
Spiritual research has documented that 96% of the results of addiction are spiritual in origin and simply 4% of addictions are initiated resulting from non-spiritual causes within the person itself for example a person’s intense liking for a clear substance or psychological reasons namely tension, anxiety, depression etc.
The spiritual triggers of addiction include:
Possession by ghosts (30%)Possession by subtle bodies of departed ancestors (70%)The reasons behind possession:The possession by ghosts or ancestors is mainly to satisfy their personal searching for the addictive substance and/and to trouble individual by making him an addict.Ghosts possess anyone with a mental weakness or vulnerability. The man or woman will not necessarily have to be their descendentThe ancestors possess because of the give-and-take account and the karmic bond between them as well as their descendent which is certainly a subtle (intangible) doorway that they exploit to own their descendents and satisfy their cravings through them
Suggested principles in the the curing of addiction obtained through spiritual research
The principle behind any spiritual treatment will be to instigate a boost in the basic subtle sattva element of the partner together with a concomitant decrease in the subtle basic tama component by using spiritual practice that follows the five basic principles of spiritual practice, done regularly and increased every now and then at a quantitative and qualitative level.

The 3-step Spiritual treatment program for overcoming addictions:

Repeating the protective chant of ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya’ for a minimum of 2.5 hours or 972 repetitions daily.Repeating the protective chant of ‘Sree Gurudev Datta’ for about 1.5 hours or 972 repetitions daily.Salt Water treatment for 15 minutes daily (by placing the feet in a bucket packed with water, add 2 spoons of rock salt to the water)This can be achieved carried out with lowering the intake of the addictive substance or thing within the phased manner in association with any significant care which has been prescribed by one’s doctor or psychiatrist. The highlights and benefits of spiritual healing treatment for addiction:
Minimal cost cost is mainly in regards to time invested and regularity of effort and for rock saltVery low incidence of withdrawal symptomsThe spiritual practice raises the tolerance due to rise in sattvikta in the personIncreases our spiritual energy and defense systems contrary to the ghost/departed ancestor thus you are capable of giving in the addictive habit immediatelyIt works both as a treatment to cure addictions and similar to a preventive mechanism therefore takes care of addiction formation in addition to relapse too.The parents may take these 3 steps for being protection while thinking of possess a baby. Mentioning the infant in as sattvik an environment as possible and introducing the infant to spiritual practice since early childhood will additionally help for being protection.Just like a measure of prevention for anyone who typically are not currently captivated
The factors critical to succeed really are

Regularity in spiritual practice of all three step spiritual treatmentAn intense desire to quit addictionStrong willpower to carry out soFaith in a Higher Power and spiritual practice allows to accelerate the remedial process.

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