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The important Reason behind Addiction

download-2What actually causes addiction?
Science has identified addiction being achronic brain diseasebut Gene Heyman, a Harvard psychology lecturer describes it as adisorder of options“. Both these extreme models and descriptions of addiction is without question the conflicting ideology inside the addiction community. Until a Grand Unified Theory of Addiction is decided on, we are going to go on to put band aids toward the symptoms of addiction never truly understanding it’s fundamental cause and pathology.
So, what actually causes addiction? Here’s the addiction model, I’ll throw directly into mix. Hopefully, it will bring us in close proximity to solving the mystery of addiction.
During several of my educational workshops on addiction, spirituality and codependency, I started noticing many addicts with long-term sobriety had very little awareness or understanding of their unconscious, codependency patterns and behavior. Furthermore observed addicts arepulledout of theircore identity“, by an unconscious, negative, gravitational force. This opened a brand new door and exposed deeper patterns I believe haven’t been revealed or discovered. Through my continual workshops and spiritual exploration, I have discovered in the addicts deep unconscious a pattern Relating to namedThe Addicts Loop“.
Theaddict’s loopis produced by a couple of destructive, maladaptive, codependency roles, inherited and/or unconsciously learned and conditioned during child/teen years. One codependent role would be thecontroller“, who learns to rescue, save and remedy a dependent personality, to feel connected, loved and received. The other codependent role is thedependent“, who emotionally leans on and desperately needs thecontroller“, to get by and help carry their emotional life to feel loved and received. Both of these roles create a powerful unconscious, magnetic, revolving door attraction of
Longing Connection Love Bond Euphoric High/Fix Reveal Rejection Longing Abandonment
Certainly one of this progression may be a child on a journey that goes around theaddict’s loop“. Toward the left side of one’s addict’s loop the child obsesses and dishonestly performs for their connection, love bond andeuphoric high/fix“, to feel accepted, received and loved. This left side could well be considered the extreme, “sunny sideof the loop filled with hope and promise.
When ride reaches the peak and projects thelove bondandeuphoric high/fix“, the infant/teen will effort to manipulate and control their connection andfix“, to set up any sense of security. Due to the love bond is produced beginning with the destructive roles of codependency, the infant/teen will ultimately, be forced directly into right side of this very addict’s loop.
On the right side of one’s loop, think of the child/teen entering a dark, scary tunnel that representsrejection and abandonment“. Like the child enters confusion tunnel, they close their eyes and deny the scary tunnel exists. Them/teen is overwhelmed and never ready to psychologically process theirrejection and abandonmentand instead creates an unconscious reservoir of repressed anger, fear and emotional pain. After leaving the scary tunnel, the child’s fear and obsession fuels the child’s journey back up within thesunny sideof the loop to seek out theirlove bondandeuphoric high/fix“.
The little one/teen might circle theaddict’s loop“, again and again before leaving home, creating an unconsciousstacking effect“, of repressed emotional pain that continually and unconsciously wants to surface. During early teen years substance use or obsessive behavior, could be designed to numb and escape the continual surfacingpain load“, from the originial and revolving door effect of the loop.
During several of my workshops on codependency, core personality retrieval and spirituality, I discovered that almost all addicts own destructivedependentandcontrollerroles conditioned and repaired with their unconscious. An analogy may very well be to envision two high-tech machines, standing opposite each other in the addict’s unconscious that rotate and find theaddict’s loopbetween them 24/7. The addict delivers the codependency addiction relationship, permanently fixed in their unconscious mind.
The Biochemical Loop
For generations theaddict’s loopof
Longing -Connection Love Bond Euphoric High/Fix Reveal Rejection Longing Abandonment
has actually been unconsciously communicated towards the human biology, which could create an analogousbiochemical Loopof
Craving Preparation Connection Euphoric High/Fix Withdrawal- Detox Craving Depression
Identical to theaddict’s loop“, thebiochemical loop“,is obsessive and cognizant of the left side, “craving, preparation, connection,”euphoric high/fixplus keeps out the most appropriate denialside, “withdrawal, detox, craving, abandonment and depression“.
This can explain why the addict blindly protects and makes excuses for their own substance and performance use and why they deny and block the most appropriate side withdrawal, detox, depression,hangover and experience it as new facts and disturbing each time. The addict attempts to maintain and control theireuphoric high/fix“, unconsciously avoiding and escaping the most appropriate side of one’s loop’s withdrawal, detox and depression.

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