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What Causes Sexual Addiction?

download-5Various factors trigger sexual addiction, otherwise known as sexual dependency or sexual compulsivity. The obsession to sexually compulsive behaviors is a complex subject and can hardly be due to one cause. Sexual addiction is a bit more likely a great deal of conditions as time passes, which can include early sexualization or early exposure in an individual to inappropriate sexual material or behavior, traumatic experiences during childhood, physical and/or sexual abuse, abandonment, or emotional trauma.
Generally, the causes of sexual addiction may be classified into three: biological, psychological, and spiritual.
Biologically, a biochemical process inside the brain, affecting the pleasure and reward pathways, may trigger sexual addiction. Researches has found those food products, abused drugs, and sexual interests share a common pathway within the brains’ survival and reward systems. Sex and food are quite similar in this sense as they’re the most basic and fundamental human drives. Consider that without food we usually die and without sex we usually no longer continue our DNA into your future.
Brain chemistry has created elaborate reward systems to motivate this goal directed behavior. Sex activates the characteristic opioids and dopamine that produce intense pleasure and euphoria accentuating the addiction and the likelihood of continued behavior. Interestingly, modern brain imaging shows us that this brain when excited looks nearly identical to a brain by the influence of cocaine. Clear why the drive for sex is so intense. This could explain why even competent, intelligent, and goal-directed people will be so equally captivated with indulging in sexual fantasy and seeking a sexualfix.” Their brains have also been hijacked!
Psychologically, sexual addiction has grown to be one means of adapting to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Much of reported sex addicts relate histories including these psychological abuses and traumas. Emotionally when it comes to the sex addict, sex is certainly not really about sex except a vehicle to furnish wrong of affirmation, a veneer of control and connection within a safe environment. The sexualfixhas turned out to be the origin of pleasure plus a way to avoiding unpleasant feelings, a coping mechanism to fight stress, work difficulties, interpersonal, psychological, and emotional problems.
Studies reveal that almost all sex addicts originate from dysfunctional families. The findings of one study demonstrate that 72% of sex addicts appeared to be physically abused in juvenility, 81% were sexually abused, and 97% emotionally abused. Patrick Carnes’ research also shows signs that 87% of this very families of sex addicts included more than one addict in the home along with a a big number of them were raised in a rigid family system, disengaged family system, or both a rigid and disengaged family system. The implication is quite a lot of sex addicts originate from families where their emotional needs weren t met. They learned to self soothe and self medicate as a means of enduring some pretty awful childhood experiences.
Spiritually, sexual addiction feeds the delusion that fulfilling comfort, love, and security can be experienced in addition to God. What need would they have for God in case a sexualfixis the only thing that theyneed?” The addiction becomes the God that comforts, arouses, or assists the sex addict escape modern times moment. Given that sex can be an option the addict can have a home in the delusion of power and control and is unlikely to get the spiritual surrender necessary to end up with true spiritual experience.
These causes quite a few and typically overlap based on the circumstances of a given sex addict. This is why the curing of a sexual addict entails much effort and support not exclusively beginning with the individual but also his or her family and friends. Support and encouragement from 12 step groups plus a recovery community, group therapy, in addition to friends or family all contribute to treating the sex addict and assist the healing process.

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